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“Dr. Dan” - A published author with 15+ years of consulting for a local test-prep company and group/private tutoring experience, Dr. Dan Celenti (a resident of Holmdel, NJ) offers a holistic approach to math tutoring—ALL levels.

In his approach, the emphasis is on building analytic/critical thinking skills and thus reduce excessive reliance on memorization and trial-and-error.

Dan Celenti holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics and has worked as a scientist, engineer, and educator (college professor and tutor.) His wealth of experience—from conducting research in plasma physics and developing software for simulation of integrated circuits, to developing architectures for voice and data communication networks—has enabled him to take a pragmatic and holistic approach to the study of math.

Dan lives with his wife (“Dr. Eliza”) and their 17-year old son in Holmdel, NJ. In his spare time—when he doesn’t “do math” (an activity he prefers to refer to as “playing mind games”) - he likes to play tennis, go skiing, read, play guitar, watch independent movies, coach Little League basketball, spend time in Manhattan, hang out with his friends, and travel the world: a world in which he truly believes that “math is everything!”



“Dr. Eliza” - Experienced math tutor and main contributor to the development of our test-readiness assessment tests.

Eliza Celenti holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science  and  has worked as a research engineer and educator with extensive experience in cybernetics, computer modeling and  IT. She likes to read, watch “smart/artsy” movies, swim, bike, and vacation with her family and friends.