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**Excellent, Simply Excellent  By Fun Life 

As a counselor that helps students prepare for "gatekeeper tests" I do not work only with students that are "top students", I also work with students that simply are willing to put forth the effort to learn what the test demands. I believe this book will help all of them reach their potential.

I believe the explanations in the book are SO CLEAR that an interested student who has not taken all the "required" math courses (such as geometry) can, by simply doing some additional practice problems with, possibly, a little tutoring, gain mastery in all areas covered by this book…..

**Best Resource Around By Andrew 

The Dan Celenti philosophy to SAT Math is one of the things that got me into the University of Pennsylvania. His approach actually teaches you how to think, which is why following his method enables you to master any and every problem on the exam…..


**Best SAT Math on the market - MUST HAVE A Kid's Review

If you only buy one SAT-Math book: this is the one. If you already have other SAT-Math books: buy this one.

The Perfect 800: SAT Math goes beyond the usual techniques given in other such test books: Not only is it complete, it also looks at concepts in depth, seeking thorough understanding, and creating confidence in learning. It teaches the student to think - skill that is lacking in too great extend from the general education. It makes the student competitive. It makes the student succeed….


**An Indespensable Tool! By ivyleaguechamps 

I couldn't simply memorize HOW to solve a problem. Dr. Dan really understood that I needed to know WHY. After mastering concepts Dr. Dan's way, I never again had to suffer through mindless hours of practice tests and the standard test preparation. Thanks Dr. Dan!