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“The Violin”

Professor: “Suppose I know three people. The result of multiplying their ages is 36. Your house number equals the sum of their ages. Can you figure out how old each one of them is?”

The student grabs a pencil and starts scribbling numbers on a paper pad. Two minutes later, he goes back to the professor:

Student: “Are you sure you gave me enough information to answer your question?”

The professor, after repeating out loud his own words, replies:

Professor: “Actually you're right. I forgot to tell you that the oldest one plays the violin.”

The student looks back at his worksheet and immediately, with a sigh of relief, gives the professor the correct answer.

NOTE: This page will undergo periodic updates. For the correct answer to the logic/mind game, please send us an email (DrDan@challengemath.net).

“Numbered hats”

Three players sit around a table wearing hats that display a positive number. The players know that one number is equal to the sum of the other two. After having time to familiarize themselves with the other players' numbers, the participants are asked to guess the number written on the hat they are wearing. A dialog starts.

First player: “I can't figure out my number.”

Second player: "My number is 21."

What are the numbers printed on each player's hat?