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Perfect 800 SAT Math (3rd edition)

Published in February 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1-61821-148-4

Editorial Reviews - From the Publisher

Getting into the nation's most competitive universities requires more than a good SAT score, it requires a perfect score. Perfect 800: SAT Math gives advanced students the tools needed to master the SAT math test. Covering areas including arithmetic concepts; algebra; geometry; and additional topics such as probability and weighted average, the book offers exposure to a wide range of degrees of difficulty in a holistic approach that allows students to experience the "real thing," including the impact of time constraints on their performance. By emphasizing critical thinking and analytic skills over memorization and trial and error, this book ensures optimal usage of time and maximizes the pace of progress as students prepare for the all-important test. This book includes access to an online simulated test and an in-depth analysis tool that provides students with an assessment of their results and a list of recommendations for an improved performance.

This unique book is a great companion to Perfect 800: SAT Verbal.

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